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Man in headphones listening to phone

Facebook releases Clubhouse’s latest rival

Man in headphones listening to phone

Facebook releases Clubhouse’s latest rival

On Monday, social media giant Facebook joined the likes of Twitter and Spotify by launching its own audio rooms and podcast tools.

At the beginning of this year, the audio-based app Clubhouse exploded in popularity, with people around the world scrambling to gain access to the invite-only app. At the time, I wrote about exactly what Clubhouse is and how it works. Since then, other internet giants have tried to cash in on the trend, with Twitter most notably bringing out its Spaces platform. Just last week, Spotify brought out its own platform, called Greenroom, and according to Reuters, Reddit, LinkedIn and Slack all also have audio offerings in the works.

The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has appeared on the original Clubhouse app himself, and now, he’s cashing in on its success with an offering of his own.

Facebook’s new audio rooms will feature a maximum of 50 speakers per room, with an unlimited number of listeners. Both public figures and some groups will be able to create audio rooms, providing they use iOS devices and are based in the US (for now). Users of both Android and iOS devices will be able to listen in, and the audio room creators can invite those who don’t have a verification badge to speak.

The social network has been outspoken about its hopes to attract content creators to its platform, and it’s announced it will be working with various public figures, including athletes, journalists and musicians, for the rollout of its audio rooms.

While audio rooms are taking place, those listening will have the option of sending “stars” – Facebook’s virtual currency – to content creators. This money will go entirely to the creators – for now, at least. At the beginning of the month, Zuckerberg announced Facebook won’t be taking a cut of creators’ revenue until 2023, and at that point, the percentage will be less than 30%, which is the cut that tech giant Apple takes.

In addition to the audio rooms, users in the US can now listen to a select number of podcasts, with the library set to be added to in time.

These new features will provide content creators with another way to earn money on the web and to engage with their audience, and while it’s unclear exactly when these new features will be available here in the UK, it’s never long before Facebook rolls out its new features on this side of the pond. If you’d like to have a chat about how to engage with your business’ target audience and how to earn money online, give our team at Engage Web a call.

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