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Facebook Post Insights: stats on Page story impressions

Facebook Post Insights: stats on Page story impressions

Facebook has emerged as one of the most popular, and most effective, platforms on which to promote your website. By creating a Facebook Page you are able to generate discussion between your website’s users, enlist more followers, promote your site’s services and products and, most importantly, increase your brand awareness exponentially.

However, one thing website owners have always been unsure of is how many people are actually seeing their content once it has been added to Facebook. Are your news stories limited to just those people who are members of your page?

Now Facebook has answered that question, and provided stats on the number of impressions for every news story you post on your Facebook Page, or feed through from your website, through its Facebook Post Insights tool.


This screenshot shows the stats displayed to an admin of the Facebook Page for the website CSAhell.com. Despite the page only have 652 members, the news story has been viewed on people’s news feeds 3,348 times. This is an incredible number of impressions considering the page ha just 562 members, and shows that stories are seen by more and more people when use Facebook as a means to syndicate your news posts.

So have the news stories been seen so many times? Well, one reason is the fact that whenever someone comments on the story (71 comments so far in the case of this particular post) the news feed will then show up in all of their friends’ news feeds as well – throwing the story, the Facebook Page, and the existence of your website open to even more people, and potential users of your website, and customers.

If you’re not using Facebook as part of your Internet marketing strategy, why not?

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