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Facebook Pages changes the way it handles images in feeds

Facebook Pages changes the way it handles images in feeds

If you use Facebook effectively as part of your Internet marketing campaign, you probably have a Facebook page for your business. Facebook pages are great to use as part of your social marketing because you can customise them as you see fit, using rich HTML where necessary, you can brand them, you can create your own ‘custom’ Facebook URL and you can even pull feeds through from your website.

Now, previously when you pulled through a feed from your website Facebook would automatically resize the photographs in your post to create a small, thumbnail image. This has recently changed, meaning that Facebook is no longer bothering to resize images that it pulls across. Instead it pulls them through ‘as is’, which means they could be rather large, possibly even too large for Facebook to display correctly.


As you can see from this image, the squirrel on one of our recent SEO advice posts is huge in the middle of the page, but not as big as the image of martial arts master Bruce Lee – who depicts the Zen of SEO.

What does this all mean for your Facebook pages? You need to be careful of the size of your images in future or your Facebook page could look unseemly, being filled with large images that occupy the whole page, or worse – are cut off to the side.

If you’re not using Facebook pages effectively yet as part of your social media campaign, perhaps it’s time you started?

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