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Facebook looks to lock horns with LinkedIn

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Facebook looks to lock horns with LinkedIn

The Facebook enterprise is set to up the ante in the careers game, with several sources reporting that it is about to roll out a specific network for career-minded social media users.

Tentatively titled ‘Facebook at Work’, according to the Financial Times and the Independent, the idea behind the social giant’s new venture is to allow users to separate their work and personal life, while responding to a growing number of companies frowning upon the use of Facebook in the workplace. The end result could be a site that rivals business-centric social media site LinkedIn.

Aside from simply acting as a spot for users to show off their qualifications and work experience, the site is targeted towards aiding peer-to-peer collaboration, allowing members to share content via programmes like Microsoft Word and Excel, as well Google Drive.

This fits in with a vision expressed by founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg that Facebook needs to “improve the way people connect and share”. Those who use the new site are likely to find that tailored news feeds bring them into contact with their fellow employees, clients and those working in similar circles and industries.

Rumours suggest that Facebook at Work will initially be funded by ads and free to use, but with Facebook having become increasingly commercial in recent years, users will no doubt keep their eyes peeled for the possibility of future charges. Another barrier for Facebook might be concerns over privacy, although the site did increase its emphasis on encryption in 2013.

John Murray

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