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Facebook new logo

Facebook launches logo rebrand

Facebook new logo

Facebook launches logo rebrand

Social media site Facebook has recently introduced a new branding strategy that has seen the logo altered in order to distinguish each of the different companies and products it owns.

The Facebook logo has now gone from completely lower case to fully uppercase and has been given a variety of different colours depending on the service or product being used. The font is a custom typography with rounded corners.

For example, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, and when users open the app’s login page, they will see a white screen with the WhatsApp logo on it above the login details. Further down, they will see ‘from FACEBOOK’. The word ‘FACEBOOK’ here appears in a green colour scheme, which is WhatsApp’s company colours, to signal that it is a Facebook owned service. This ‘from Facebook’ tag is also visible in each service’s Settings page. The tag has been in use since June.

The main Facebook app and site will retain its blue branding, and when opening Instagram, users will see the word ‘FACEBOOK’ in the purple/yellow colour scheme of Instagram.

Facebook has stated that this new branding scheme has been designed to show clarity to users and to make it clear what products and services it owns, as it believes there is a high number of users who are unaware that a particular service, such as Instagram, is owned by Facebook.

As well as WhatsApp and Instagram, Facebook also owns Messenger, Oculus, Portal, Calibra and Workplace.

The announcement was made through a blog post to the Facebook Newsroom earlier this week. Facebook will begin to use this new branding on all of its products and services in the coming weeks.

Facebook’s latest move highlights the importance of brand image. By having a consistent image, a brand is more likely to be recognised by a customer. This needs to be followed up with a good brand reputation and good product/service offering in order to convert potential customers into sales.

Alan Littler

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