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Facebook is the stickiest website in the US

Facebook is the stickiest website in the US

A ‘sticky’ website is a website that keeps your users entertained so that they view as many pages as possible and spend as long as possible on your website. If visitors hit your site from Google, look at the first page and then leave, then your ‘bounce rate’ will be very high. This means that your visitors weren’t impressed with what they saw and you won’t get any conversions from them, whether that means sales, enquiries or data.

Keeping your bounce rate and making your website sticky so that users are ‘stuck on’ your site is the essence of Internet marketing, and can be done with great content and tools.

But what is the stickiest website? What website do people spend the most amount of time on, the site that has a very low bounce rate? In the US in May it was AOL, but now that mantle has passed to Facebook (unsurprisingly). In the US, Internet users spend on average 4.5 hours per month on Facebook. This may not seem like much, but keep in mind that’s an average based on the number of Internet users in the US. Some will have never been to Facebook, so those who are regular users of the social networking website will have spent much longer on there.

Analysts seem surprised that Google isn’t as sticky as other websites, with just 2.5 hours spent per Internet user on average on Google or its related websites. Of course, if you were spending too long on Google looking for something then Google isn’t being very efficient at finding it for you. That’s the advantage with Google, you don’t need to make countless searches before the information you’re looking for is presented.

It’s not Bing!

The top five websites for stickiness in June, with the average time spent on them in hours, minutes and seconds, were:

1. Facebook 4:39:33
2. Yahoo 3:15:59
3. AOL 2:43:10
4. Fox Interactive Media 2:14:21
5. MSN/Windows Live/Bing 2:02:11

When compared with May, you can see that Facebook has leapfrogged its competitors.

1. AOL 3:37:50
2. Yahoo 3:14:28
3. Facebook 3:12:13
4. MSN/Windows Live/Live Search 2:20:14
5. Google 1:17:04

Notice too that AOL, Yahoo and MSN are all above Google, showing that users need to spend longer on those websites looking for the answers to search queries.

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