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Facebook introduces new real time feature

Facebook introduces new real time feature

Facebook is introducing a new feature, very similar to a feature currently offered by Twitter, which enables communication in real time. The ‘Happening Now’ feature has only been introduced to a small percentage of Facebook users while in the first stages of testing, before being perfected and rolled out to other users.

The Happening Now bar will be displayed on the right side of a Facebook page, below advertising space. The feature will give you access to what your ‘friends’ are doing without having to leave the main page. Happening Now may become an integral feature of your SEO campaign, letting you communicate with customers and clients in real time and through messages which may be kept private if you wish.

For some smaller companies, it simply isn’t feasible to operate two social media platforms for business use, which gives existing Facebook users a new opportunity to reap the rewards of communicating in real time. The Happening Now news feed will only show an excerpt of what a user is doing, so you have to click on the link to see the information in full, but even the brief descriptions provide a window of opportunity in a search engine optimisation campaign.

Social media plays an important role in the promotion of your business, with Facebook and Twitter being prominent media platforms. The features of social media are constantly changing to improve a users experience. Your SEO campaign should be updated to include all new additions to social media.

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