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Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights

When you run a website, whether it’s a blog, a brochure site or an ecommerce website, you can track how many people access your site using stats packages such as Google Analytics. Analytics even tells you what countries your visitors came from, what counties or regions they’re based in and even what towns in some instances.

What Analytics doesn’t give you however is a breakdown on the age-group of your website’s visitors, and their sex. For this sort of information you’d need your visitors to register on your website and enter their full details – which is rare, and unlikely.

With Facebook however, when you have a Facebook Fan Page you can get the full details of your page’s fans, the visitors to your page, and their sex and age. This allows you to determine exactly how to cater your offerings to your audience in order to maximise the effectiveness of your page’s content.

This snapshot for example shows that the male/female split of the audience for the Fan Page is almost 50/50, with 54% male and 46% female. Such a high level of female members of any page is rare. The details also tell us that the most common age of visitors to the page is between 35-44, followed by 25-34.

Imagine how much help a page like this would offer you and your Internet marketing efforts.

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