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Facebook increases pet adoptions in US

Facebook increases pet adoptions in US

The number of pet adoptions in the US is increasing, thanks to organisations using social media sites like Facebook. According to data released by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the number of unwanted pets being placed in shelters across the country every year is between five and seven million. Between two and three million animals are actually placed in new families, leaving the rest to be euthanised. However, thanks to social media, the number of pets looking for new homes in Arkansas is decreasing.

According to Rita Cavenaugh, who represents Maumelle Animal Services, the social media sites have provided opportunities for shelters to share information, increased the number of adoptions and the number of pets returned to owners and to provide information about spaying and neutering programmes. Maumelle Friends of the Animals set up a Facebook page in 2009, allowing the organisation to reach more people. The average number of people reached is 750 but recently reached 12,000 in a week. Figures released by Little Rock Animal Services show that the number of pets adopted has increased since their Facebook page was set up in 2007. There are more success stories throughout the US, attributing that success to social media sites.

The figures show just how social media is becoming an integral part of running a business. It could be argues that many of these pets would have been euthanised if Facebook was not part of the shelter’s search engine optimisation. According to Jon Garrison of Central Arkansas Rescue Effort for Animals, people share details of pets wanting a home on their Facebook page, which then goes viral – a vital part of SEO campaign.

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