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Facebook to change its news feeds

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Facebook to change its news feeds

Social networking giant Facebook has recently revealed how it will be changing its news feeds.

This latest update to the site will see news feeds become more informative to users. Furthermore, the site has announced that it will be adding a “ranking signal” to the platform that will enable the most informative content to surface to the top of the news feed.

To incorporate these changes, the site will work by having members of Facebook’s Feed Quality Programme score and rank content based on a scale of how informative the piece is. The scale will be a one to five scoring system, with one being uninformative and five being really informative. Those who rank content highly on this scale will be asked to explain their reasons as to why they have scored that content with that particular mark.

Following this, the data will then be used to create the “ranking signal”, something that will be used by the social networking site to determine how relevant content is to a user, based on their habits and interests.

The ranking signal aims to provide users with content that they will genuinely find interesting and informative. It is likely that this algorithm change will be altered and updated in the first instance to ensure that it is all correct and working to a level that the company is happy with.

Facebook notes in a blog post that these changes mean users will see content in their own news feeds that will not necessarily show up in the news feeds of those they are connected to on the site.

For those who have not heard about the company’s Feed Quality Programme before, basically, the scheme consists of a series of surveys completed by participants and crowd-sourced surveys. Together, they evaluated and analyse what makes stories informative.

As well as the findings from the Feed Quality Programme, Facebook’s algorithms will also take into consideration the individual’s interests and the relation they have to the content developer to determine what stories will ultimately surface to the top of individual news feeds.

This latest round of changes comes not long after the company announced a set of updates to combat clickbait in its feeds. Facebook updates its algorithms on a regular basis, so it is likely that more news feed update announcements will be made.

Alan Littler

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