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Facebook celebrates one billion users a month

Facebook celebrates one billion users a month

Facebook reached a milestone of one billion people using the social networking site every month on 4th October 2012. The achievement means that around one person in every seven worldwide use Facebook on a regular basis. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook announced the achievement on his Facebook status, adding that he is very proud of his success in helping one billion people to connect.

However, in a TV interview in the US, Zuckerberg admitted that since the company was floated on the stock market in May 2012, times have been difficult. Although the social networking site was previously valued at £62 billion, the company is now worth less than half that value. Zuckerberg’s ability to head the firm has been questioned by a number of people on Wall Street, but he stresses that he is serious about his responsibility for Facebook, which he founded in 2004. Despite any doubts, Facebook continues to grow and develop, playing an integral role in the search engine optimisation of many online companies, from Merseyside to Massachusetts. Since 2004, Facebook has had 1.13 trillion “likes”, shared 219 billion photographs and connected 140.3 billion friends.

Advertisers increasingly use Facebook, along with content creators, sharing 2.7 billion Likes each day on the site. The social networking site is accessed on mobiles by around 600 million users each month, while apps and websites integrate with Facebook on a regular basis. Social networking sites play an important role in a company’s SEO, with Facebook featuring on a regular basis.

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