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Facebook branded a social network of the past by Google

Facebook branded a social network of the past by Google

During the Business Insider’s Ignition conference held in New York recently, the vice president of product for Google+, Bradley Horowitz labelled Facebook a social network of the past. The attack came as talk continued onto Facebook. Horowitz said:

“We’re providing a different value proposition today. We recognise that Google+ may not yet be the place that you go to when you want to wish your friend a happy birthday. It is not yet there…It’s not attempting to chase the social networks of the past. We’re plotting our own course and it’s a different course.”

Nicholas Carlson who was conducting the interview, quickly pointed out that Horowitz was referring to Facebook. No comment has been made by Facebook regarding the remarks of Horowitz. According to Horowitz, Facebook interrupts the social connection between users and injects ads into the streams of users. Horowitz pointed out that Google+ wanted to take an alternative direction. He further added that Google wanted to gather information which includes recommendations from friends, in order to generate revenue. The information can be streamed into its search engine results.

This information may be something that those with SEO careers want to keep an eye on, as this could affect a company’s search engine optimisation. When asked by Carlson if Google+ would increase the relevance of Google search and improve it, he replied that it would make search more effective and therefore, useful to brands and users. The SEO campaign of businesses could be affected in the future by this news.

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