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Facebook at Work set to expand

businessman 1241110

Facebook at Work set to expand

Social networking site Facebook reportedly intends to open up its ‘Facebook at Work’ feature to more people.

Facebook at Work is a social network that the site has developed specifically for businesses and enterprises. The network was created and first launched in January this year, and up until now, has been a closed beta trial.

Following a successful trial, the social platform is now ready to open up its service to ‘hundreds’ of businesses and organizations. In an interview with tech news site Re/code, the Head of Facebook at Work, Julien Codroniou, said the company hopes that by the end of the year, it will be ready to roll out a ‘freemium’ version of the office-based network to all businesses.

The platform is believed to have features that are similar to the main Facebook platform which is used by around 1.5 billion users across the globe. Facebook at Work features news feeds as well as chats and groups.

In order to ensure that there isn’t a dip in productivity whilst in the office, the network will not give the option of browsing the profiles of friends, or a user’s own personal news feed during working hours, meaning your work identity and social identity will be kept completely separate. It will solely be a network for work-related matters, which include the ability to chat with colleagues and offer storage space for collaborative documents.

The Californian-enterprise is not yet clear about when it will launch the product worldwide, but has said that it has been using a version of the platform internally for many years.

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