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Google vs Social Media

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads – which should you choose for your business?

Google vs Social Media

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads – which should you choose for your business?

Selecting between Google Ads and Facebook Ads will always come down to your enterprise’s industry, audience, and business goals. While Google Ads is recognised as popular for making sales, Facebook Ads is well-known for being effective when connecting with consumers and building brand awareness.

For instance, if a company sells a specific product and wants to prioritise making sales to brand-new customers, Google Ads can be an ideal option. However, if they are simultaneously seeking to raise their profile and strengthen their relationship with existing customers, Facebook Ads also have much to offer.

In terms of reach Facebook and Google both dominate their respective fields of social media and search engines. Facebook has around three billion users per month while Google experiences close to three billion searches every minute.

Both options offer demographic targeting but use a different approach. While Facebook employs user data to zero in on the ideal customer of an enterprise, Google uses keywords to locate an audience for advertisements.

Finally, Google Ads and Facebook Ads both provide multiple formats for adverts. As a rule, Facebook ads tend to be visually driven and feature videos, carousels, and images. While Google display ads also allow images, the company’s most popular ad (Google search ad) uses text only.

Before selecting an ad solution, consider who your customers are and how you want to connect with them. Many successful enterprises opt to use both services as part of their digital marketing campaigns to achieve different aims.

For expert advice on the best approach on using ads for your firm you can rely on us here at Engage Web. With an understanding of your goals and audience we can help you include online ads in your repertoire for digital marketing. Contact us today to discuss your current ambitions.

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