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Facebook Ads campaign setup to change

Facebook eye

Facebook Ads campaign setup to change

Meta (the new name for the company that owns Facebook, in case you missed it) has announced some significant changes to Facebook Ads Manager, which will concern how ad campaigns are set up.

The company made the announcement via a blog post, in which it explained that the change will help to guide those advertising on Facebook to “optimal” campaign setups. To do so, it’s moving to a model called ODAX (outcome-driven ad experiences). With the ODAX model, advertisers will choose their desired outcome – whether that’s sales, engagement, traffic or leads, for example – and Facebook will then guide them to choose the campaign setup most suited to achieving that outcome.

So, in simple terms, what does this mean?

At the moment, when setting up an ad campaign, advertisers must first select an objective from 11 different options, as below:


With the updated campaign setup, there will only be six options: awareness, traffic, engagement, leads, app promotion and sales. The ‘Conversion’, ‘Consideration’ and ‘Awareness’ headings are also getting scrapped, which should make the setup easier to understand for those who don’t have extensive experience within the Ads Manager.

While there will only be six options, this doesn’t mean that the likes of Video Views and Message ads are going to be scrapped – they’ll simply be accessed through a more relevant objective.

This campaign setup change is set to be rolled out gradually over this year, with no concrete date for the switch. Here at Engage Web, we haven’t received the switch yet, and until we do, there’s no knowing whether this change is for the better or worse. It does, however, highlight how important it is to stay on the ball with updates like this when you make use of tools like Facebook Ads.

If you’d like to learn how you can make the most of advertising on Facebook, sign up for our next Facebook Ads Masterclass here.

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