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Exploring the full features of Facebook


Exploring the full features of Facebook

It may come as a surprise to some, but the functionality of Facebook goes far beyond being able to post pictures, share videos and ‘like’ your friend’s status. It’s at this point you may be wondering ‘well, what else can I do on Facebook?’ The answer is: a lot!

Since Facebook is constantly amending parts of the site, adding new section and generally making it difficult to 100% get used to, it’s a good idea to keep yourself up to date on some of the snazzy features regularly rolled out:

Pronunciation guide

This is a little known fact, but Facebook can actually help with your pronunciation. While most of your friends or followers may speak your language perfectly, the fact is some on the social networking site simply don’t, and this is where the guide comes in. It can be found on your profile under the ‘about’ tab. The guide offers suggestions for the pronunciation of your first and last names, and even allows you to phonetically spell your name if none of the network’s suggestions fit.

One-time password

If you are logging in to your account using a computer in a library, for example, you may not feel comfortable typing in your own password. The social networking giant has just the solution, by letting you request a temporary one by texting “otp” to 32665, although this only works if you are on O2 and Vodafone. You’ll then receive a text message with your temporary password.

Keeping things private

Making big announcements such as relationships and engagements on your own timeline is often seen as fun, as these are moment you probably want to share with your friends. On the other hand, breakups are not something you want everyone to know about (in general anyway!).

Facebook has it covered, though – before changing your relationship status, you simply need to alter where it says ‘Friends’ next to the information to ‘Only Me’.

There are, of course, many more features to the social networking site that can be used to make life a little easier online, but more often than not, the best way to discover them is to play around with your profile.

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