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Expert claims that SEO and social media will become closer in 2011

Expert claims that SEO and social media will become closer in 2011

January is traditionally the time for predictions and prognostications made by those within the SEO industry, and 2011 is no different, with an industry specialist claiming that search engine optimisation and social media will become further intertwined.

Harry Gold, writing on behalf of ClickZ, believes that the two areas are converging much faster than most people can keep up with, and that social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, are a common element of virtually all SEO campaigns. He said:

“Social media marketing is also adding new dimensions and opportunities to SEO by allowing marketers to build rank and links via Facebook Likes and social sharing, and distribute their content and brand to other pages living all over the web.”

He believes that those within the SEO industry will have to formulate the most productive way of capitalising on this transitional period whilst encouraging its development.

Gold advises that a simple way to begin doing so is to make sure that ‘like’ buttons are incorporated into websites, which should also integrate social media, allowing users to see content from it. Gold asks the question:

“The questions one must ask are: Where are the lines blurring, who should own what?”

Another industry figure, Rob Weatherhead, questions the notion of ‘ownership’. He believes that search engine optimisation teams should operate in tandem with other departments, such as Public Relations and Advertising, stating:

“An effective search engine marketing programme involves most areas of your business.”

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