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Entrepreneurs’ Day: What keeps you going?


Entrepreneurs’ Day: What keeps you going?

Today is Entrepreneurs’ Day and, as our Content Team Leader John put it to the members of our Elite Digital Marketing Community on Facebook – businesspeople shouldn’t miss this.

We talked about taking this opportunity for our members to explain what made us set up our businesses, or to talk about our future business plans, but the truth is most businesspeople set up their business to improve something for their future customers that they didn’t see from their employer. As Michael Gerber explains so well in his book The E-Myth Revisited, many business owners experienced or saw something we disagreed with so much as an employee that we wanted to do it our way, in a way we see as better, for our customers. That, of course, doesn’t make us good businesspeople or entrepreneurs, but that’s a story for another day.

My own business origin story is no different in that respect, but why I keep going may be.

This July was my dad’s 70th birthday.

Growing up, I saw my dad start and lose two businesses. It cost him his marriage. From as young as eight years old, I remember waiting in the car while he was working. I resented not seeing my dad and, when I was with him, he was working or tired.

Both businesses failed because he didn’t seek advice. He didn’t try a third time.

At 68, my dad bought a studio place in Spain. He suffers from ILD (Interstitial Lung Disease) and in March caught pneumonia, which could have been fatal on top of his ILD. I spent Lockdown 1.0 in Lancashire with him while he lived in a single room on oxygen. Twice I waved him off in an ambulance wondering if it would be the last time I saw him. He’s home now but it looks likely he may never get off the oxygen. He can’t go out. He’d only had his place in Spain for 18 months, and this month, he put it on the market.

Seeing my dad now makes me focus more on planning for tomorrow, but living for today.

This is why I value advice. Since Engage Web started, we’ve had mentors and still do now. I value a work-life balance – not just for me but our team too. I value working smarter, not harder. Our business delivers online marketing advice and strategy to help clients grow their business. Growing and systemising their business gives them their life back, giving them time with their families.

What inspired you to start your business? Also, perhaps more pertinent in 2020, what inspires you to keep going?

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