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Engage Web introduces new Wellness Allowance benefit

Engage Web introduces new Wellness Allowance benefit

At Engage Web, we’ve recently reviewed our company benefits and made a few changes, including the introduction of our new Wellness Allowance.

With this new benefit, each partner will receive £30 every month on top of their salary to go towards their wellness. There’s no restrictions with what this money can be spent on, and partners don’t need to provide receipts or proof of purchase – we have the freedom to choose what best to spend the money on each month, though the idea is it should benefit our wellbeing.

Some examples of what this could go towards include:

• A gym membership
• Some books
• A spa day
• Some music
• A day out

… or even paying for a Netflix subscription!

Wellness allowances are pretty rare as a benefit, but they make sense. As a nation, much of our time revolves around work – whether that’s actually working, commuting or even just thinking about it! It’s therefore a given that work can directly impact our wellbeing. When you factor in that we’re living in a post-Covid pandemic society amid a cost-of-living crisis, looking after our wellbeing is perhaps more important than ever – and having our company put something towards that makes me personally feel all the more appreciated as an employee.

In fact, a 2020 study found that over half of employees (58%) actually prioritise company benefits that specifically relate to physical and mental health, including wellness allowances.

When asked why a Wellness Allowance was chosen as a new benefit for our partners, our Managing Director Lianne explained:

“Arguably the greatest advantage to us offering this is that it allows each partner to decide what would most benefit their own wellbeing, so we know that everyone will make use of it. We’re thrilled to introduce this as a benefit to our valued partners.”

This new benefit is rolling out to all of our partners at Engage Web this month. Now, all that’s left to do is decide how we’re going to spend it!

Emily Jones

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