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Ed Sheeran tops illegal downloads poll

Ed Sheeran tops illegal downloads poll

Statistics have shown the extent of illegally downloaded music in the UK, with the first six months of 2012 seeing nearly 45 million such instances.

The data ,which was compiled by Musicmetric in the reportedly biggest BitTorrent file analysis of its kind, shows this makes the UK second in terms of illegal downloads worldwide.

Topping the list was the US, with just shy of 100 million downloads over the same period.

The findings revealed that there were more than 55,000 downloads of Ed Sheeran‘s album ‘+’ made each month across the country. This makes him the most popularly illegally downloaded artist. Globally, the number one spot was taken by Rhianna.

Though music remains the most common form of content stolen online, it is something that is being tackled. Only recently, new measures were introduced that will block pirate sites and relegate results in SERPs.

Other forms of content theft, such as with marketing materials, are not so readily protected. However, there are penalties that exist for sites hosting copied content, frequently used by black hat SEO marketers.

Such marketers are often those charging cheaply for their services. As such, companies should always ensure they are working with a well-respected and qualified SEO company, employing only the best and newest techniques, both in page design and content.

The Musicmetric data also broke down the figures area by area, showing Manchester to be the worst offending city. The top five was completed by Nottingham at number two, followed by Southampton, Liverpool and Sheffield.

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