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E-commerce websites faced with Google’s Trusted Stores

E-commerce websites faced with Google’s Trusted Stores

A new programme has been launched by Google to identify merchants online who offer an exemplary service. The Trusted Stores programme aims to help customers find the online stores that offer a first class service to its clients. Although the latest programme from Google will be less controversial than Google’s social networking site and the use of real names, the programme will certainly cause unrest among competitors in the e-commerce sector.

Online merchants have started to be signed up into the new programme. They are expected to divulge details of their customer service and shipping, so that Google can ensure that companies meet the required high standard for both. If an online merchant reaches the desired level of service, a badge displayed on their website will act as a trust mark and confirms the high standards of customer service.

Certain criteria must be met to continue to feature the trust mark on their website, which includes delivering a specified number of orders to customers within the agreed time limit. Threshold numbers have not been provided by Google.

If a customer makes a purchase at an online store bearing the Google trust mark, they will be eligible for free purchase protection. There is, of course, a disclaimer of sorts that confirms that the protection isn’t a warranty or an endorsement by Google. The new Trusted Stores programme is expected to promote online shopping. However, the new initiative by the search engine leader is likely to make some SEO jobs much more complex, resulting in the updating of a company’s search engine optimisation strategy.

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