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DuckDuckGo reaches 100 billion search milestone


DuckDuckGo reaches 100 billion search milestone

The search engine that places privacy at the forefront, DuckDuckGo, announced last Thursday that it has reached more than 100 billion searches.

DuckDuckGo took to Twitter to break the news, and it shared a link to its traffic page. On this page, a range of search-related stats can be viewed, showing just how much the search engine has grown since its launch in 2010, which is where the stats begin (despite it having launched in 2008).

The stats reveal that back on 1st April 2010, the search engine received 33,209 queries. Last Monday, January 10, on the other hand, DuckDuckGo hit a daily record of 110,439,133 searches being made, and, as of 10:55 this morning, all-time searches are at 100,130,491,781.

These figures are only going to continue to rise as time goes on and more and more people opt for a privacy-focused search engine. Indeed, events in the search and social media world over the past year have reflected this growing importance of user privacy, with Apple’s infamous iOS 14 update and Google making the decision to prevent third-party tracking cookies from tracking users as they surf the web being just two examples.

While DuckDuckGo isn’t at the stage just yet where it could be considered a serious competitor for Google, Search Engine Land reports that it is slowly creeping up to the likes of Bing and Yahoo! Therefore, while it’s unlikely that websites will be optimising for DuckDuckGo specifically anytime soon, it’s a search engine well-worth keeping an eye on – especially, perhaps, if your target audience is individuals who regard their privacy as a priority.

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