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Drink your link juice every morning

Drink your link juice every morning

Link juice is a very loosely defined term in the search engine optimisation industry. In fact, it’s hardly ever defined at all. It’s one of those terms that gets bandied around quite freely, usually by SEO professionals, and seems to have meaning but no-one will ever tell a newcomer what it is. Link juice is important to your SEO campaign and it’s important to know what it is.

The term is quite an evocative one. You read it, and your thoughts immediately dart to images of tasty banquets of links, of sustenance, of rich life-giving liquids. All of these images are apt ones, because links really do give your site the nourishment it needs to succeed with the search engines.

Link juice is, essentially, a way to describe the value of a link that is being given to your site; any inbound link has some worth to your site. However, some inbound links are more worthwhile than others. If a site has no connections, a low ranking on all of its pages, and no reputation, then the link it provides will be low on link juice. If the site providing the link has great rankings and its own quality links, it’s got a lot of link juice.

The term is also used to talk about potential for creating links. Some campaigns are thought to generate more link juice than others. This means that they have great linking potential. A good linking campaign should aim to get you as many links as possible in one effort.

It’s important to keep an eye out for potential link juice in all of your online activities. This catchy term is a part of what will make your SEO campaign a success and get those rankings that your website needs.

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