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Doyle doesn’t see the point in Facebook

Doyle doesn’t see the point in Facebook

He may like to think of himself as a serious actor, playing proper roles in BBC and ITV dramas, but we know of him in one role, and one role only; Ray Doyle, the mighty perm, in the classic ‘The Professionals’.

Bodie and Doyle

A little older, and lacking the trademark perm, actor Martin Shaw has recently confessed to not understanding the power of social networking, and has dismissed Twitter and Facebook as being pointless. In a recent interview in the Radio Times, to promote his new BBC series, Martin Shaw comments with regards to social networking websites Facebook and Twitter:

“What is the point of all that?”

Shaw goes on to add that he does use text messages, and he uses email, but social networking has completely passed him by. He also only uses texts and emails because other people do it, rather than because he wants to.

Of course, if Martin Shaw did use social networking websites and was more au fait with the Internet, he’d realise just how much support there is out there for the part of his life that he has tried so hard to forget… The Professionals. While he hated almost every minute of the show, and fellow actor Lewis Collins (as Bodie) loved every minute in equal measure, the results cannot be ignored; it is a classic of British TV – and its name and legacy lives on via the Internet.

Get out there Martin and have a surf around; you might actually be surprised by just how popular, and indeed how good, The Professionals really is.

Just for you Martin, here’s a quick burst of the intro… COVER ME!

  • I think he knows where to look if he wants to, two of his children, his brother and some of the people he works with are indeed on Facebook, others are on Twitter.

    We shouldn’t stop at the Professionals, I still watch it regularly but appreciate his other work, including the upcoming George Gently and theatre just as much.

  • I am watching the Professionals for the first time, I bought the DVD box set about a month ago and am in the middle of season 2. Martin Shaw should be very proud of his work in that, I am thrilled at how good it is, how much fun it is to watch B&D in action, how well it holds up even after (is it 30?) years later. Thanks for the post.

  • While I am against link farms and paying for poor quality links…I wonder how Google could detect “paid links” if it were done correctly.

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