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Don’t succumb to an SEO sugar rush

Don’t succumb to an SEO sugar rush

Have you ever given a small child red food colouring, especially in conjunction with lots of sugar? The effect is pretty instantaneous. The child tends to run around like a crazed bumblebee for around 40 minutes, then collapses in a complaining, tired little pile. It’s an effect that’s most impressive at the parties of six-year-olds.

The same kind of rollercoaster ride can happen with a website when its owner first cottons on to the benefits of search engine optimisation. In the first few heady moments, a lot gets done. Keywords are carefully considered, page code is picked through and all off-page avenues are thoroughly researched. The SEO campaign is kicked off in a bundle of energy, but soon after the search engine optimisation company signs off on the work, the sugar rush recedes.

There is a lot of work to do when you first apply SEO to your site. It can be very easy to get caught up in the rush and excitement of the initial SEO work, only to ignore the importance of SEO maintenance.

So what is a sign that you’ve succumbed to the sugar rush? It happens to just about everyone, to some extent. SEO work can seem boring and pointless once your rankings reaches their desired point, and drawing up new content, pursuing links and re-researching keywords all seems too much effort for not much result. Your energy diminishes.

Just as a salad sandwich can combat a child’s sugar high, planning can combat the SEO sugar rush. Plan your future SEO carefully, and you won’t go far astray.

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