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Don’t overlook keyword seasonality

Don’t overlook keyword seasonality

Search engine optimisation is not a one-time task, although many professional SEO companies treat it that way. Not only do your pages need constant maintenance for the continued health of your rankings, your keywords will need to be periodically updated as well. This can seem like a chore, and it often is. Sometimes, however, it can be a marvellous marketing opportunity.

Most businesses will be aware that there is a certain seasonality in every market. People are more or less inclined to buy products and services depending on the time of the year, day of the week, or time of day. Not many businesses stop to think about seasonality in keywords though.

If your regular marketing activities involve some pandering to the seasons, your SEO plan should involve it as well. If your retail site hosts a sale every Halloween, it’s not much use if you don’t feature any Halloween keywords. If you have a special end-of-financial-year clearout, you need to ensure it appears in the search engine listings whenever someone searches for financial year sales.

Seasonal SEO takes a little more planning than other forms of seasonal marketing. As you’re no doubt aware, search engine optimisation techniques take time to get results. This means that you need to not only plan your seasonal SEO with enough time for the sales message to kick in before the season, but with enough time for the SEO process to run through.

While normal seasonal promotions are put in place a month or two before the season hits, your seasonal SEO techniques will need to be on your site possibly six months before the seasonality, in order to ensure that you appear in the SERPs when internet users begin searching with that keyword. It can be helpful to talk to an SEO company about this kind of sophisticated optimisation technique.

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