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Don’t make Google wait for your website

Don’t make Google wait for your website

Picture a restaurant. It’s lunch time in downtown Liverpool, you’re hungry, and you know that this place serves the most absolutely mouth-watering curry and chips (or meal of your choice) in town. The trouble is, they’re so popular you can’t get the attention of a server.

Now you know how Google feels.

A connection limitation, also known as a host load limitation, is a server-related problem that can prevent Google’s spiders from accessing your site. Many site owners forget that shared servers limit the number of connections for a site, effectively blocking out some connection requests. Google sometimes gets caught up in the melee.

Servers can cause lots of trouble for the websites they host. A lot of site owners opt for shared servers because they are a far cheaper option than a dedicated server. Web companies are happy to offer discounts, but less happy to volunteer information on the other sites on the server. This causes problems. While some of these problems can be handled by a clever webmaster, connection limitations require more direct action. A server change is the ultimate answer.

Search engine spiders are fickle beasts. Search engine optimisation companies spend a lot of time figuring out how to keep the attention of the search engines’ little crawling robots, and a lot of SEO advice is centred on this subject. Many site owners don’t realise that it can be difficult to get that attention in the first place. Sharing a server is not always a good move.

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