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Don’t get caught by new Google Business Profile spam policies


Don’t get caught by new Google Business Profile spam policies

The Google Business Profile spam policies for posting on the platform have been updated, so what do you need to know to make sure your posts are not rejected by Google?

Google has added a new section to its Business profile posts content policies stating that any content with duplicate photos, posts, videos or logos could be rejected or removed, as they are all considered as spam.

Furthermore, Google may also remove or reject any posts that have the following content:

– Misspellings
– Gimmicky character use
– Automated or distracting content, such as blurry images or bad video quality, or content that can’t be recognised by Google
– Images, videos or links that might distract searchers’ attention
– Links to malware or viruses
– Links to irrelevant sites

Recently, Google has received complaints about posts being rejected on people’s Google Business Profiles, in response to which it has directed complainants to the spam policies set out in the Google documentation.

Making sure that your content is unique is essential if you want your website to perform well in search results, and this approach should be carried through to posts on your Google Business Profile. Posting regularly on your Google Business Profile is a good way to increase your business visibility within Google search results and also Google Maps.

Other key tips for improving visibility on the platform are to keep your listing’s information up-to-date and to add regular unique images.

If you are looking to get more valuable traffic to your website in order to increase sales and leads, have a chat with our friendly team at Engage Web, where we can develop a strategy to help you do just this. To find out more, get in touch with our team.

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