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Don’t sacrifice quality for speed

Don’t sacrifice quality for speed

The internet is a fast-paced world. Regardless of whether you run an award-winning blog, an online retail site or just advertise your business through your website, you’re going to have to move at a fairly fast pace to keep up with competitors. This is particularly true of your SEO.

Site owners often have trouble getting into the higher gear of updating that is required for search engine optimisation. Search engine optimisation experts generally recommend that their clients maintain a schedule of content updates that is at least once a week, often more regularly than that – depending on the competitive nature of your industry. For many sites, this represents a significant gearing up of their update schedule. The panic that ensues can lead to a lot of bad content being published, which doesn’t do the website any good at all.

When site owners try to dramatically increase their content publication, the first thing to go out the window is quality. It’s happening all over the net. Sites need content, and they need it fast. They also need it cheap. The pressure to provide fast, frequent and cheap content usually means that proofreading, planning and composition are left behind.

Having bad content on your site can give a bad impression to your site users. This in turn can lead to lower traffic, high bounce rates, and ultimately a dip in rankings; all for the sake of speed.

Most business-related sites tend to get updated only as business changes occur, which can be months apart. It’s understandable that it takes time to adjust. What is not understandable is a decrease in quality. Don’t put your site user loyalty at risk through shoddy updates, as you will also be putting your site’s rankings at risk too.

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