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Does news make great content?

Does news make great content?

Some content writers contend that news makes great content. They advocate that websites are filled with items from Google News, newspaper websites and sources of industry-specific news. As long as content writers acknowledge their sources and add opinion to pieces of news, this strategy can yield significant rewards. This is especially the case when the effort is made to keep up with the latest industry-specific news. However, an overdependence on news can be problematic in terms of giving readers sufficient content diversity.

If news was wonderful, why would conventional newspapers have such profound difficulties? Of course, the troubles of the newspapers are related to the provision of free content, but perhaps there are things fundamental to news which makes some readers switch off. These may include:

•    Repetition: many stories are updates of previous ones with little new interest

•    Negativity: many writers forget that it is healthy to accentuate the positive

•    Bias: there is nothing more tedious than being told what to think

•    Triviality: because news has to be generated, absurdly insignificant matters are given attention

•    Transience: news is often forgotten immediately because there will be more news in an hour

•    Cynicism: journalists often suspect people of having sinister motives

The reason why content writers can use news excessively is because it is almost everywhere. As news is pretty much everywhere, it is easy for readers to be bored by it. While industry-specific news is ideal because readers will almost certainly be interested in it, other news may not be as valuable as some people suggest.

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