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Does a sticky site really sell more?

Does a sticky site really sell more?

We have all heard the oft-overused term of a ‘sticky site’. Sometimes, however, it is spoken about but not really explained too well.

A sticky site is a site that draws the user in. The user has to interact with the site, investing time. It is this crucial factor that we at Stuck On think that most people talking about stickiness do not place enough emphasis on.

Once a user has pressed a button, moved a slider, checked a box etc, they have invested time into a site. It is at this point that your site becomes more important than competitors that offer only non-interactive information.

A website in which a user has made such an act is statistically proven to sell more products and that fact alone is reason enough to invest in tools. But why does it sell more?

If you had a bricks and mortar shop and 10 people walked in on Monday and spent 10 minutes each in the shop, you would expect to sell £x. Lets say for this example that x is £50.

If, on Tuesday, 10 people came in to the shop and spent 30 minutes into the shop, you would expect to sell £100+.

The same principle applies to your website. The longer that someone spends on your site, the higher chances of them becoming a customer.

The best way to get people to spend longer on your site is by providing great content – in both text and tool form. Think of all the popular sites that you use on a daily basis, they will all have tools and great content in one form or another.

Those sites will be selling more than the sites that don’t. This may be in the form of products or advertising space. What is the reason for this? Great tools and content.

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