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Insta repeat

Do you need to up your Insta game?

Insta repeat

Do you need to up your Insta game?

Social media is a great platform to showcase your holiday snaps, and Instagram appears to be one of the most popular choices in recent times. It’s the perfect place to showcase the best of what a user is doing, with many seemingly competing for best photo, making it an unofficial content, with #PicOfTheDay regularly being used.

However, with so many people trying to outdo each other in highlighting their great pictures and lifestyles, it seems that there are some recurring themes appearing on the platform.

The popular photography platform has amassed millions of users over its history, and has since been bought by the biggest social media platform on the planet, Facebook. The acquisition took place in April 2012, with the deal being worth $1bn (£629m). Instagram was not even two years old at the time and had only just launched an Android version of the app, having previous only been available on iPhone.

Fast forward to the present day, and the platform is approaching its eighth birthday with a user base of one billion, reaching that milestone earlier this summer. With the app being so popular, you would think that for an image to go viral on the platform, the user would have to do something original that makes others look on in awe.

Many travel bloggers, influencers and anyone who wants to make their followers jealous about their recent holiday have long been thinking outside the box with their images, taking themselves to new heights, different angles and making sure they add the right filter to complement that killer caption. However, in the past few weeks, an Instagram account has been proving that these travel shots aren’t exactly original and pop up more often than you’d think, giving some users a case of déjà vu.

The account @insta_repeat has been creating montages of images uploaded to the platform that are essentially the same image. Many users who have come across the account have found this to be quite funny, and as a result the account is growing in popularity, reaching over 118,000 followers. Below are a few examples of how samey these images can be:

Image 1

This one is probably one of the most diverse montages on there at the moment, with different angles, lenses and locations, but all show a solo traveller at night with a light pointing towards the sky.

Image 2

With this image, you’d think they were all at the same location, but again, the images all depict a solo traveller standing at the edge of a cliff admiring the view.

Image 3

Who drives cars now anyway? It’s way cooler to stand or sit on top of the vehicle to admire the landscape.

Image 4

Everyone loves the centred bridge shot to signify that you’re on an adventure into an unknown land.

As the above evidence may suggest, Instagram users may think they have the perfect shot to upload, but they may have to up their game to make themselves truly original. Although many of these images are aesthetically pleasing, they’re now cropping up all over the platform.

Instagram users may want to think outside the box and upload a different kind of photo to make them Insta-famous these days, as everyone appears to be doing it for the ‘gram!

Alan Littler

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