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Do you actually need a website for your business?

Do you actually need a website for your business?

When wondering how to market your business, you may be tempted to bypass the creation of a website altogether, given the lucrative nature of social media platforms these days.

If your products are selling particularly well on social media, and you’re bringing in plenty of leads on a platform such as Facebook or LinkedIn, you may be wondering what the need for a website is.

But before you go ahead and decide to scrap the idea altogether, it’s worth bearing in mind these key points:

You don’t OWN your social media pages

If your products are selling like hot cakes on Facebook or Instagram, then that’s brilliant news – good for you!

However, before you decide to rely solely on those platforms for your income, you may want to remember that while you may have full control over your page, you don’t have control of the platform itself.

If, for any reason, you ever lose access to that account – for example, you’re blocked, hacked or the platform is terminated altogether – then you will lose many valuable customers and clients in the blink of an eye.

In contrast, you will always have full ownership of your website, and your loyal customers will always know how to find you.

Which leads on to the next point …

Will your prospects actually know you exist?

If you decide to operate solely from social media, you could be closing yourself off to a large customer base who don’t have a social media account.

From an SEO (search engine optimisation) aspect, you’re potentially isolating yourself from your target market who are actively looking for someone like you on Google.

When you own a website, you have the power to carefully curate your pages to incorporate keywords that enable your customers to find you through the search engine. You can actively target their questions with answers, which will lead them straight to your website – and this is something you can’t achieve with social media alone.

If you need the expert advice of a team well-equipped with SEO knowledge, reach out to Engage Web today!

Lia Bartley

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