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Diversification could ruin company SEO

Diversification could ruin company SEO

A recent study completed on behalf of the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) has found that companies are diversifying their agency partnerships. However, with coherency being all important to SEO, there could be significant damage being done.

The report that SoDA published, showed that up to 28% of marketing professionals could be set to diversify their agency work in the future. They claim they will appoint agencies according to previous performances in certain areas, focusing on areas of expertise needed.

The report went on to find that less than a fifth, just 19%, of marketers and brands would be consolidating their agency partnerships in the future.

Engaging with agencies with particular specialities makes sense in one respect. However, with budgets being split and fluidity between campaigns being lost, the effectiveness of SEO could also be lost.

Increasingly, digital marketing agencies do have excellent multi-disciplinary skills. The news from SoDA though, shows that UK companies may not have faith that these skills are adequate, which should act as a wake up call to the industry.

Specialising on one particular area can help obtain market share, but neglecting other areas could contribute to overall client success diminishing.

Worse still though, innovation in search engine optimisation and digital advertising as a whole could be damaged. When ideas and voices are not heard in all areas, development is stifled.

A far better approach than splitting budgets and agencies could be that clients and agencies come together to focus their efforts and up skill in areas needed.

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