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Different types of SEO copywriting

Different types of SEO copywriting

Writing content for SEO is a very difficult skill. You have to blend together two opposing notions to create content that will work for people and search engines, in order to improve both rankings and traffic.

Humans, real people, want to read engaging content that interests them. According to the purest rules of SEO, search engines want to see keywords. It’s not quite that simple, but essentially keywords are important in your SEO copywriting. They are not the main thing though, as a good example of SEO copywriting will also attract visits and links from other people, enhancing your website in the search engines even further.

Some examples of different types of SEO copywriting are:

Lists form one of the staples of SEO copywriting. Everyone loves a good list, and the format allows people to easily skip ahead to see what the top tips, or best examples, of your list are.

Money may well make the world go round, but it’s humour that makes the Internet go round. The best examples of link bait and viral marketing all use humour to entice people to forward the content on, a good comedy post can do wonders for your Internet marketing campaign.

Opinions, by their very nature, divide people. An excellent form of SEO copywriting expresses an opinion that may contradict the popular thinking. In doing so, it generates discussion, links and retaliatory posts. All of this is good for SEO, and for your website.

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