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Developer backtracks as people poop on Peeple

typing on keyboard 1459449

Developer backtracks as people poop on Peeple

The founder of an app that allows its users to rate their friends and foes has removed the company’s Twitter and Facebook feeds amid a public backlash.

Peeple, which encourages users to post positive and negative comments about others in the style of a Yelp restaurant review, garnered negative press as it was accused of promoting gossip that had the potential to lay waste to reputations.

According to Canadian news outlet CBC, Julia Cordray, the Calgary-based CEO of the company behind the app, says she has scrubbed the company’s accounts due to, ironically, an overwhelming amount of negative things said about her online.

Posting on LinkedIn, Ms. Cordray said that she had received:

“…death threats and extremely insulting comments aimed at me, my investors and my family on almost every social media tool possible.

“I went from a relatively unknown 34-year-old entrepreneur from Canada to unintentionally becoming a trending topic on Facebook and Twitter in less than 24 hours. I wish I could say it was for something positive, but it wasn’t.”

However, the launch of the app is still going ahead, and should be available on October 12, albeit with a few changes.

Firstly, a person cannot be included on the platform without their express permission, which wasn’t the case previously. Secondly, the two-day waiting period needed to erase negative ratings and comments about oneself has been scrapped. In fact, no negative comments will be allowed on a feed unless the user explicitly approves them.

Doubtless, the news will come as relief to reputation management professionals who were anticipating a public relations nightmare for their clients.

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