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December changes to Google search engine

December changes to Google search engine

During December, Google made around 30 improvements to its search engine listings. These improvements included an upgrade to the +1button, Google Instant search and Image search.

The +1 button is to be used when someone wants to signal their approval of something found on Google search. The button will now appear only when the result has already had the +1 button assigned to it, or when a user hovers over a search result.

Image search now has improved spam detection. In addition, Google has attempted to increase the relevance of results for Google Image searches. Japanese search queries will also benefit form improvements in Google Instant, through the boosting of the software used for predictive search in Instant. As Japanese is one of the languages that incorporates non Latin characters, a special Input Method Editor is used when making searches, which will improve the quality of search queries in Google Instant.

Relevancy in the search engine can be improved by the use of rich snippets, which tag content. Google have improved this process so that it can detect any sites that qualify for recipe, shopping and review rich snippets. Search results have been improved when searching for music lyrics, which is good news for fans of music. Football fans will also be pleased with the live results of NFL.com and ESPN’s NCAA football.

Google regularly makes improvements to search algorithms, which may make some SEO jobs more complex. Regular updates and improvements have to be made to any SEO campaign to appear high up the search rankings.

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