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Dealing with emails easier thanks to improved Gmail

Dealing with emails easier thanks to improved Gmail

Google Mail has been redesigned to create a better experience for Gmail users. The improved version lets you create a new email from your inbox while checking other emails and reading new emails, all without having to close down your messages or leave the screen.

If you click on the ‘compose’ button, a template will appear at the bottom of the screen on the right hand side, similar to Google Chat but on a larger scale. The window with the message template works the same way as chat, so you can have multiple windows open with emails in various stages of completion. If you want to complete an email later, perhaps when you have received more information you can just minimise the message window. While working in this mode, you can carry out search or check your emails in your in-box.

In a blog post recently, Phil Sharp the product manager for Gmail said:

“How many times have you been writing an email and had to reference something in another message? Saving a draft, opening the old email, and then reopening your draft wastes valuable minutes.”

The reply format has also been improved as the message box takes up less room on your screen and shows the recipient’s details right to the end of the message. Google strives to make improvements to all its products and services, which is why it is an important component of any SEO campaign. Search engine optimisation for business all over the UK, including Merseyside has to be regularly updated following the many improvements made by Google.

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