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Daily use of social media sites experiences rapid increase

Daily use of social media sites experiences rapid increase

According to a survey carried out by the Pew Research Centre in Washington D.C., the use of social media sites by adults has increased, only falling behind email and the use of search engines. The number of adults who said that they visit social networking sites has doubled since 2008, rising from 28 percent to 65 percent. The survey also revealed that 43 percent of adults use social networking sites on a daily basis, compared to 2008 when only 13 percent did the same.

Email is checked daily by 61 percent of adults surveyed, with search engine activity taking place on a daily basis by 59 percent of adults. The use of social media has risen to third place. Unsurprisingly perhaps, the use of social networking sites was more prevalent in the young adults who were questioned in the survey, along with more females than men using the sites. While 69 percent of women visit social media sites, only 60 percent of men take part in social networking.

Among women aged 18 to 29, 89 percent visit sites like Facebook at least occasionally, while 69 percent in this age group visited the sites daily. This age group of women were labelled “power users” by the survey organisers. People in the older age groups are also venturing into social network sites, with 51 percent aged 50 to 64 using social media.

Social media has an integral role in any SEO campaign, which is even more important as the number of people using social networking sites increases.

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