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Creme Egg changes sparks social outrage

Creme Egg changes sparks social outrage

Alterations to the popular Cadbury’s Creme Egg has provoked a sharp response on social media, with the confectionary firm having to work hard to minimise the negativity.

Fans of the sweet snack bombarded the Cadbury UK news feed with complaints when they discovered that multipacks now had five, instead of six, eggs in them.

Further anger was provoked when some people started complaining about the taste changing too.

Desperately trying to manage the problem, which came to light on January 12th, Kraft-owned Cadbury’s released a statement claiming that the pack change was due to rising commodity costs.

A tweet from Cadbury UK also said the RRP price had been reduced. However, with many people reporting that they were still paying the same, the US-owned firm confirmed that final shelf prices were set by the retailer.

It is the recipe modification that is likely to anger most though, with the confectioner confirming that an alteration had taken place. Instead of using Cadbury’s Dairy Milk in the shell of the egg, it is now made using “standard cocoa mix chocolate”.

The furore has also seen people claim that the egg size has been reduced. However, an image loaded to the Cadbury Twitter news feed showed it had not changed from the original, when it was made by Fry’s Chocolate.

The episode has also promoted some typically odd social media outbursts, with California-based YouTube musician Boo Detch writing a whole love song about the affair.

Most people in the States appear to be confused by it all, however, with it largely being UK customers complaining about the changes.

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