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Couple’s dream holiday ruined by spelling error

Couple’s dream holiday ruined by spelling error

An American couple has had their dream holiday plans thwarted by a single incorrect letter on their flight reservation.

Sharon and Harry Kautzman planned the trip as a special way to celebrate their 40th anniversary. Mr. Kautzman initially booked a seven-day Italian cruise, starting in Venice, through Groupon for $1,600. He then phoned Expedia and booked their flight to Italy.

The problem arose when the Kautzmans tried to print their boarding passes the day before the flight. When booking the flight, Expedia had misspelled Sharon Kautzman’s surname as “Koutzman”. This slight error prevented them from printing her boarding pass, because it didn’t match the name on her passport.

With the trip cancelled, Harry Kautzman contacted Expedia for a refund. After several hours talking to various representatives, he managed to get the cost of the flight refunded thanks to the travel insurance he purchased with it. Expedia later also refunded the cost of the cruise, but only after local TV news programme Komo 4 News stepped in on their behalf. No explanation was provided by Expedia on their refund notice, but in a final twist, someone had misspelled their surname again.

It’s human nature to make small mistakes like this one, but such mistakes can often have unanticipated consequences. If you write items for your website news feed, is it possible to get everything right all the time? When you source your material from a good news content provider instead, you can be sure it’s already been checked for possible errors.

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