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Copywriting services and the difference they can make

Copywriting services and the difference they can make

Writing content for your website isn’t just about filling your website with text, stuffed with keywords, for SEO purposes. Although of course, keywords and SEO are very important in professional copywriting.

The copy on your website also has to read well. It has to be concise, informative and well written so that your website visitors want to read it, link to it, share it with their friends and come back to your website again.

How many SEO companies offer SEO text that does this? You’ll find that most SEO companies take several keywords for a client’s website and throw together a few paragraphs for each keyword. They will then force this text onto the homepage, without any thought of whether it is readable or not. The idea is that this text will not be read, at least by a human. It’s for Google’s sake, meaning that it is filled with the keywords and is very repetitive and clunky.

Is this text going to enhance your website? No.

Is this text going to interest your website’s visitors? No.

So what’s the point of it?

This is an outdated form of SEO and one that doesn’t work in the long run. A better form of SEO is to make your website what Google wants to see. What is this? Google wants good quality content on informative websites. It wants this because its users want this. Google makes money, lots of money, by giving its users what they want.

With professional copywriting services you can make your website exactly what Google is looking for, rather than trying to con it with outdated SEO techniques.

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