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Copywriting agency or freelance writer?

Copywriting agency or freelance writer?

Choosing between an agency and a freelance copywriter to supply content for your website, whether for search engine optimisation (SEO) specifically or for other purposes, can be a headache. However, when it comes to finding a professional SEO copywriter for your website you should bear in mind the following facts:

1) Freelance copywriters may drop their clients if the offer of more interesting work or larger assignments particularly suited to their interests comes along
2) In the event that they may be unable to fulfil their obligations due to ill-health, family circumstances or other unexpected events, you are left with no cover
3) They self-edit their work, leaving it open to errors which an agency editor would spot

Avoiding these freelance worries is easy if you use a reputable agency whose advantages are:-

1) In-house editing, preferably by trained editors, means 99% accuracy or no errors
2) No unfulfilled contracts as there is a pool of talent to call upon should the unexpected occur
3) Contractual obligation means that all contracts are honoured

An unexpected bonus may be that your copy is written by some talented but, as yet unknown, author. Fay Weldon, Salman Rushdie and Dorothy L. Sayers amongst others, all worked for copywriting agencies at one point in their careers. Dorothy L. Sayers was a copywriter for the iconic Guinness toucan advertisements of the 1930s. This tradition of employing the best native English speaking content writers has transferred to the internet and to the influential development of blogs in SEO. Content writing is a vital ingredient for web business success, with a reputable agency worth its weight in gold to a long term business strategy.

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