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Controversial changes to Google privacy ignored by majority of users

Controversial changes to Google privacy ignored by majority of users

Despite the large publicity campaign and a notice on the Google search page, only 10 percent of users in the UK seem to have taken the time to read the changes to the Google privacy document. On 1st March 2012, the new privacy policy will commence, collecting data from all its services and putting the information into just one place for each user.

Campaigners for privacy are not happy about the change, with the search engine giant being accused of invasion of consumer privacy. However, Google reinforce their statement that they are trying to make things easier for users, with just one policy which contains all relevant information. Officials in Europe have praised the new privacy policy, wanting others to be easier to access and simpler. YouGov conducted a survey on behalf of Big Brother Watch, and found that the new document has only been viewed by 12 percent of users. Almost half said that they weren’t aware of changes.

A spokesman for Google said:

“We’ve undertaken the most extensive notification effort in Google’s history, informing every Google account holder, flagging the new policy on every Google product site and publishing a link on our home page.”

The changes will mean that more information will be collected about users, allowing the company to build up a comprehensive profile for targeted advertising. The new policy could make SEO jobs more complex, with alterations necessary for search engine optimisation. Wherever a business is situated, in Liverpool or London, the new privacy policy will affect all Google users.

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