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Content that lacks direction is bad for SEO

Content that lacks direction is bad for SEO

If the content on a site is not actually saying anything, then it has lost its way. Often found drowning in a sea of jargon, directionless copy can be difficult to revive, even for experienced content writers. Especially threatening to the liveliness of web writing are over-used words with very little meaning. The inclusion of terms such as ‘solutions’ needs to be carefully considered in order to avoid foundering on the rocks of vagueness.

Finding the way generally involves backtracking and remembering the original reasons behind the copy. What exactly is being written about, which audience is the piece intended for, and what do they need to know? Only by answering these questions can relevance begin to creep back into the writing and unfurl the sails.

Refining further, does the text clearly describe what is being discussed and answer any questions a reader might have? Will the intended audience recognise the language, and how might accidental visitors feel when happening upon the content? When written well, copy does not waste anyone’s time. It allows readers to decide quickly whether what follows is of benefit to them, and if not they can reach for the ‘back’ button to resume their searches.

Stilted and self-conscious language leads nowhere and is better left behind when embarking on a web campaign. Before setting out, it can be worth hiring professional UK copywriters. They know how to steer words in the right direction, without any unnecessary floundering in the shallows of marketing-speak.

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