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Content planning is key to search success

Content planning is key to search success

A recent piece by a contributor on the seomoz blog has highlighted how important the planning of content is to success. Increasingly this is so, particularly after the Google Penguin algorithm update.

The first step in planning SEO content is not hard, it is just an application of the basics, such as who the target audience is.

As the original blog post states though, too many companies neglect thoroughly researching the type of people that will be reading the content.

Importantly, not everyone who will be reading the content is the same though. As such, though tone and voice should remain constant, the scope of the content should appeal to different types of viewer.

It is also important that a company really understands its brand and that this is well relayed to the content writers. Having your body of writers understand what it is you offer and why will help them to develop their skills.

Another aspect of research and content planning is to understand the competitors. Knowing what they are doing well will help formulate strategy of course but, so too will understanding what they are not doing well. Completing a good level of SWOT analysis is key to determine this therefore.

To help make this analysis as effective as possible, drawing up a simple template will help. Fortunately, there are number of high quality tools available online, many of them free, to help.

There are also a number of tools to help formulate ideas for content. However, investing in strong writers, helping them develop their skills and including them in the strategy planning will always produce the best content.

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