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Content marketing versus search engine optimisation

Content marketing versus search engine optimisation

Recent articles covered the importance of providing good quality content in a website newsfeed, but has content marketing become more important than traditional search engine optimisation (SEO)?

In practice, you need to have a foot in both of these worlds to maximise your search rankings. Traditional SEO is still important; this is because websites need to be optimised to improve their visibility to search engines. Likewise, keyword research helps find suitable keywords to encourage the right sort of traffic for your business.

While traditional SEO gets you some short-term gains, content marketing is about the long-term goal. When content is relevant and interesting to readers, you get backlinks. If an item is worthy enough, some high-authority sites, such as Forbes, may link to it. Some SEO experts have traditionally focussed on quantity rather than quality, often using non-native English writers to generate content solely for search engines, but this is a short-sighted approach. It’s much better to have a few links from credible websites than a multitude of links from low-quality websites.

Content is far more effective when it’s created for the reader’s enjoyment, but this doesn’t mean you need to completely forget SEO. You can still provide engaging content that uses relevant keywords in a natural way. The easiest way to achieve this is to source your newsfeed items from a good news writing service, where writers and editors are adept at creating engaging, error-free content that’s also search engine friendly. What’s more, with so many factors to consider in SEO, do you really want to spend time creating your own content as well?

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