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Content ideas to think about for spring

Content ideas to think about for spring

Christmas and New Year are now distant memories, and while people are focussed on getting through the winter, it’s time to start thinking about your content strategy for the spring, which starts on March 20 this year according to the astronomical method (or March 1 if using the meteorological method).

Here are some content ideas for your news feed and other website content:


Easter falls on April 1 this year, and many people will have some extra free time, as well as children who are off school for two weeks. If it’s relevant to your sector, you may be able to help people by introducing them to events they can attend over Easter and ways they can keep the kids entertained.

April 1 is also April Fool’s Day, of course, which can provide a good opportunity for an appropriate prank. Humour, if used careful, can help humanise your brand image, and a good joke tends to get shared by people.

Outdoor activities

With the generally better weather of spring, people are more likely to spend time outside. Think about outdoor activities that may interest your target audience. For example, if you specialize in automotive services, you could focus on taking scenic countryside road trips.

Spring “cleaning”

Spring is often a time of year when people start undertaking projects. In addition to the classic example of spring cleaning, the better weather also encourages people to start gardening and home-improvement projects.

Promote success stories

An enhanced optimism often characterises spring, so it’s an ideal time to relay your own success stories. Such pieces could focus on how you’ve helped industrial customers to improve efficiency and solve problems, or they could be about how one of your products has helped individuals to connect in a special way.

It may seem difficult to connect the dots sometimes, but with some imagination and the ideas above, you will find subjects to educate and entertain your audience.

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