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Content fit for purpose

Content fit for purpose

Many people are aware that a website can benefit from regular content for SEO purposes which is relevant to its sector. However, some business people may not perceive that fresh content is imperative for the search engines and for satisfying the human visitors. While the major search engines like Google rank sites with the interests of consumers in mind, there is still arguably a small divergence in between what will appeal to the web crawlers and what will attract people.

This article is not about writing for search engine optimisation because there are copious pieces on the net on this topic. This article is for novice article writers who want a tip or two regarding content for the human audience. Article writing for the net should never forget that whether viewers become consumers is related to their experience of reading the content. The purpose of content, then, is to stimulate interest. If article writers do not provide their audience with information in an interesting way, their audience will melt away like snow in an urban environment. To avoid having only a couple of readers trudging through the slush, you have to focus on what works.

Article writing for a website is arguably not so different from other forms of writing. The aim is to seduce readers into reading more. However, while writers of detective fiction can rely on plot and suspense, providers of web content have to achieve their purpose by more subtle means. For example, you might write an article which promises to help others write articles. To succeed, ensure that your content concentrates on that objective.

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