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Content First, Keywords Second

Content First, Keywords Second

Recently, we have been inundated with enquiries about content marketing and SEO content – it seems everyone is catching on to the fact that you need to have content on your website if you are to really succeed in SEO.

However, thanks to these enquiries we’ve been looking at a lot of websites for people and as a result we have seen some pretty awful attempts from those trying to do it for themselves, but rather poorly.

There are two extremes or traps that people are falling into.  Either they are writing content but completely forgetting that it needs to work for them in an SEO sense too or they have gone completely the other way and are cramming their content with keywords, making it look spammy and meaning the keyword density is too high.  In our opinion, the second spam-filled method is definitely the worse of the two.

When creating SEO-friendly content, you need to remember that the content needs to come first and keywords second.  If the content is written to be unique and interesting to your readers then the keywords should come naturally.  Don’t just write for the sake of it and forget why you’re writing, but make sure it is content created purposefully for your readership and the rest should come naturally.

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